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Thousands of years ago a young king was offered anything in the world, but all he asked for was understanding.  And so he was given the gift of wisdom, and his kingdom thrived and prospered. As a gift to mankind and future generations, the king took it upon himself to "catalogue" all of the phrases of wisdom he'd ever heard, many of which he wrote himself.  These amazing ancient writings contain all of the keys to wisdom and understanding, and guaranteed formulas for success in every area of your life. They are available to you so that you can now understand the meaning of the universe, and this wisdom and knowledge will open up doors for you in life that you never knew even existed. 
The king's name was Solomon and the book he wrote of ancient "wise sayings" is called The Proverbs, also known as The Book of Wisdom.  You will find this book in the Old Testament of any Bible, and if you read these writings and apply them in your life you will be on the road to inner peace, happiness, and financial security no matter what your situation is right now.  .
A note about reading The Proverbs:  There are many translations of these writings, and sometimes the sayings can be tricky and difficult to understand.  It is recommended that you have three or more translations of The Bible on hand when studying The Proverbs.  When you read something that strikes a chord in you, or something you don't understand, look up that same verse in a different translation.  The meanings become very clear when you hear it put several different ways.

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