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Helping Kids is Easy
It doesn't have to cost money to help kids in need


Here are some things you can do to make life better and happier for kids in your community who are sick, or kids born with challenges, or kids who are hungry.  

Save Your Labels

Labels for Education gives all kinds of equipment, learning materials, toys, and more to schools and day care centers who save the labels from the items listed below.  This is especially helps schools for kids born with physical or mental challenges, because these schools often don't receive enough money to buy enough play equipment for the special children who go there.  Here are some labels to look for:

  • All Campbell's Soups and Products
  • Franco-American Spaghettios, Pastas, and gravies
  • Pepperidge Farm Products
  • Prego Pasta Sauces
  • Swanson Broths and Poultry Products
  • V-8 Juices

Find someplace in your kitchen to keep them, and just put them away.  You'll be surprised  how quickly they add up.  Look in your Yellow Pages for a school or day care center that helps children with special needs.  They will appreciate your help.  

Also see Box Tops for Education

Do you know someone with a baby?

Tell them that Heinz will donate 6 cents for every label from any Heinz Baby Food product to the Children's Miracle Network, which provides help for kids with all kinds of disease and injury, including, cancer, AIDS, birth defects, and accident trauma.  The hospitals affiliated with the Children's Miracle Network help more kids each year than any other organization.   Every label helps a child.

Donate Free Food

Every 3.6 seconds somebody dies of hunger.  75% of them are children.  The Hunger Site has sponsors who donate food for everyone who visits the website.  You just push a button, and the sponsor donates food.  It's fast, easy, free, and you can do it once a day.  Since June of 1999 The Hunger Site has donated over 12 million pounds of food.  Click here to donate free food.

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