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New Nixon Tapes

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New Nixon Tapes

Hero to conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan, and Archie Bunker, former Republican President Richard M. Nixon left behind thousands of hours of conversations tape recorded in the Oval Office. This year the National Archive released more of these recordings, dating from the first six months of 1972.  Take a look inside the mind of a true Republican President during a time of war and crisis in America.

Civilian casualties:  "I don't give a damn"

Jews:  "...immoral bunch of bastards"

"It's better to chase girls than boys..."

The Reverend Billy Graham

The Reverend Billy Graham apologized for his comments about Jews during a taped conversation where he and President Nixon were discussing Jewish control of the media.  After the minister left, Nixon remarked to his chief of staff that the Jews were an "irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards".  Read article

When Alabama governor George Wallace was shot, Nixon wanted to pin it on the Democrats. In particular, he tried to make it look like the would-be assassin was connected to the Kennedys.[1]

About an ambassador who got drunk on an airplane and started groping flight attendants: 

"Look, people get drunk.  People chase girls. And the point is, it's a hell of a lot better for them to get drunk than to take drugs. It's better to chase girls than boys.  Now that's my position and let's stop this crap."  Read article
Running from Napalm

Nixon thought this famous picture of children running from a Napalm attack might have been faked.

"Tricky Dick" considered using the nuclear bomb on the North Vietnamese, but Henry Kissinger didn't think it would be a good idea.  About civilian casualties, Nixon said, "I don't give a damn!"
After this conversation, Nixon dramatically stepped up the war effort in Asia.

Highlights of earlier Nixon tapes

More Nixon Tapes coming soon

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