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Conspiracy Theory Concentration

See how long it takes you to make all the connections in this game of concentration.  Click on any box to begin. To start the game over at any time, click the clock.  Scroll down to read more about the players you see.

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John Ashcroft quit flying on commercial airliners in late July, 2001, citing an FBI "treat assessment". 
There was a flurry of unusual stock trading right before the September 11 attacks.  Who knew which stocks to bet against, and why don't they talk about it in the news anymore?
Ken Lay's company Enron went bankrupt, costing thousands of people their retirement accounts.  Before September 11, it is reported that Enron gave millions of dollars to the Taliban in an effort to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan.
Dr. Joye M. Carter is the Houston Medical Examiner who examined the body of Enron's Cliff Baxter, declaring his death a suicide less than 24 hours after it was discovered.  Dr. Carter has been in the headlines many times before, and has a reputation of controversy.
George Bush, Sr., is Senior advisor to The Carlyle Group, a private investment firm that is also the government's 10th largest contractor.  The Carlyle Group has state and private pension funds invested in companies that profit from the war.  Meet The Carlyle Group
Frank Carlucci, formerly a Defense Department official under Reagan and Bush, Sr., gets paid to tell the government what to do in the Middle East as a RAND trustee and advisor.  As the chairman of The Carlyle Group, he also makes money when we go to war there.
The family of Osama Bin Laden had money invested in The Carlyle Group.  In fact, one of the Bin Ladens was meeting with The Carlyle Group at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC at the moment of the September 11 attacks.  The Bin Ladens and the Bush Family have been doing business together for decades.  See Meet The Carlyle Group.
Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris paid a company millions to purge the Florida voter rolls of thousands of innocent voters during the 2000 election.  Read about it in an excerpt from Michael Moore's book Stupid White Men.
President George W. Bush will inherit millions of dollars from the War on Terror thanks to his father's association with The Carlyle Group.  He claims to have gone to war, but in reality he didn't show up for National Guard duty for almost 2 years during the Vietnam War.
John Poindexter, from the Iran-Contra scandal, now has a new job in the Pentagon, keeping an eye on the internet.  Meet our Big Brother.
The head of security at the World Trade Center, John O'Neill, was killed on September 11.  Two weeks earlier he had quit his job as a Deputy Director of the FBI, complaining that Big Oil interests were hampering his investigation of Islamic terrorism.
Dick Cheney made millions before he became Vice President by doing business with Iraq, using loopholes in the embargo.  He's being sued by the General Accounting Office for details about how he came up with our nation's energy plan.
Li Ka-shing is a Chinese billionaire with ties to the People's Liberation Army.  He also owns the Panama Canal.  Now, he's buying Global Crossing, putting both a vital waterway and our telecommunications into the hands of the Chinese
Nancy Dorn, a Texas lobbyist and registered Chinese Foreign Agent, lobbied Congress to give Li Ka-shing control of the Panama Canal.  Now, she's the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  
Orlando Bosch was a terrorist who blew up an airplaine in Cuba killing 76 people.  George Bush, Sr. gave him a pardon, and George W. Bush gave his biggest supporter, Otto Reich, the job of Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
Tom Ridge wants $47 billion more for Homeland Security.  He refuses to testify before Congress, though.
Why did it take the F-16s so long to get to the Pentagon, when the military knew there were hijacked planes in the air making attacks?  Why were fighters called in from over a hundred miles away when Andrews Air Force Base is only 10 miles from the Pentagon?  Watch this 5-minute video on your Real Player, and read the transcripts that follow.  


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