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Alberto Gonzales ~ Enron Lawyer turned Torture Memo Writer

helped Bush keep his DUI a secret, as well as Cheney's Enron meetings (while justifying torture). Trouble is, he used to work for Enron's law firm.

The Enron Photo Album
also see Axis of Corporate Evil

Ken Lay ~ Dead or Alive? Definitely Convicted.


Ken Lay
Sold 1.8 million shares for more than $101.3 million

Ken Lay's Golf Buddy

   Ken Lay played golf with Bill ClintonClinton helped Ken Lay get a $3 billion power plant project in India for Enron.  Four days before the deal went through, Enron gave $100,000 to the Democratic party.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Gramm
Wendy Gramm, Former Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading CommissionPhil Gramm, Received Money from Enron
   Enron was a large campaign contributor to Texas Senator Phil Gramm.  In 1992, his wife, Wendy, was the chair of the federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  She moved to exempt Enron's energy-swap operation from government oversight, then days later resigned and took a job with Enron on its audit committee.  And there's more to this story.

Arthur Anderson Lost Its License

   Enron paid this accounting firm  with a troubled past  $1 million a week to keep their books. 
 As soon as the accounting firm found out there would be an investigation of Enron, they destroyed thousands of documents.  Now, it's come out that Enron was shredding documents, too.
Dubya Bush and Kenny Boy ~ Very Old Friends   George W. Bush lied when he said that he first got to know Ken Lay in 1994, and that Ken Lay was a supporter of his opponent, Ann Richards.  Actually, Lay first started contributing to GW's career
back in 1978, and in fact gave GW three times as much money in 1994 as he did Ann Richards.Former Texas Governor Ann Richards only got a little Enron money

Click here to read some of the the letters and notes GW and Ken Lay exchanged.

Where's Dick Cheney?    Dick Cheney met six times with Enron executives while writing up this nation's energy policy which benefited Enron 17 ways , and then refused to tell Congress anything about those meetings.  Cheney also met with Ken Lay during the California energy crisis.  
The day after the meeting, Cheney said the Bush administration would not support price caps on energy in California, a move that cost Californians and  made Enron billions.
Enron Gave the Taliban Millions (Pictured: Mullah Omar of the Taliban)The National Enquirer reports that Enron gave millions to the Taliban in a bid to put an oil pipeline through Afghanistan.  They claim Enron used CIA agents to carry out dealings overseas.

More Enron executives that walked away with all the cash

Enron Money

Lou Pai

More Enron Money

Big Enron Money

Andrew Fastow

Enron Billions

Jeff Skilling
Former Enron CEO
got hit in the face with a pie last summer.   He resigned  for unknown reasons and cashed out at $76.1 millionDenies knowledge of wrongdoing.

Speaking of pie...
Lou Pai
bought a historic ranch with some of the $353.7 million he walked away with.  Now angry Enron employees and stockholders are trying to take it away from him.

Ken Harrison
Former chairman and CEO of Portland General which was acquired by Enron 
Cashed out at $78 million

Andrew Fastow
A questionable deal-maker who turned $25,000 into $4.5 million in two months.
He's pleading the Fifth Amendment in Congressional hearings.

Capitol Hill Got Lots of Enron Money

   So many lawmakers received campaign contributions from Enron that it's been hard to find investigators that don't have financial connections to Enron.  Lawmakers are now rushing to dump the cash in an effort to distance themselves from the failed company.
   Joe Lieberman was the first to call for an investigation, but now it's come out that his staff met with Enron , in fact his former top aide was an Enron lobbyist.  Lawmakers want SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt to recuse himself from the investigation because he worked for the law firm that has represented Arthur Andersen. Joe Lieberman's Aide was an Enron Lobbyist
Don EvansPaul O'Neil

Ken Lay called out for help to Commerce Secretary Don Evans and former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil several times, but they say they never told the president what was going on.


Karl Rove

  Karl Rove, Bush's Political Adviser, held up to $250,000 worth of Enron stock which he refused to sell until June of 2001.
Revolving Door State Department
Thomas E. WhiteLawrence B. Lindsey Robert ZoellickMarc Racicot
Secretary of the Army and Enron Stockholder Lawrence B. Lindsey, Enron/Bush Administration Revolving Door U S Trade Representative Robert Zoellick was on Enron's Advisory Council Marc Racicot, Enron Lobbyist Turned Republican National Chairman
During Bush Administration:  
Secretary of the Army
During Bush Administration: 
Bush's top economic adviser
During Bush Administration:  
U.S. Trade Representative
During Bush Administration: 
Republican National Chairman
Was:  Enron executive for over 10 years. Now in the hot seat because of the support he received from Enron, and the stocks he held on to.
Was:  Enron consultant Was:  On Enron's Advisory CouncilWas:  Washington lobbyist for Enron

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast

The  Best Democracy Money Can Buy
by Greg Palast
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