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  Drug Company Discounts

Merck Patient Assistance Program
Free medications for those who can't afford them
or call 1-800-727-5400

Roche Laboratories Patient Assistance Program
Prescription assistance for people who can't afford them, available through your doctor
call 1-877-75ROCHE (877-757-6243)

Partnership for Prescription Assistance 
Sponsored by many companies in the health care industry, this can help patients receive assistance for more than 2,500 medicines through their access to 475 patient assistance programs.
or call 1-800-444-4106

Lilly True Assist
Helps patients obtain the Lilly medications they need
1-855-LLY-TRUE (559-8783)

Pfizer RxPathways
Provides patients with a variety of services, including insurance counseling, co-pay assistance, and access to medicines for free or at a savings.
or call 1-866-706-2400

GlaxoSmithKline GSKForYou
GlaxoSmithKline has a variety of programs to help patients obtain free or discounted drugs
or call 1-888-825-5249

Novartis Patient Assistance Program
Helping both insured and uninsured patients obtain access to their company's pharmaceuticals
or call 1-800-245-5356

A clearinghouse of prescription assistance programs

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