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What's in That Chocolate?

Mmmmmmm chocolate!  Melt in your mouth, satisfying, sheer pleasure for most of us.
But there's a
secret ingredient that you probably don't know about.
Click the chocolate below to find out what it is.

Find out what's hiding in your chocolate

It's Child Slavery

Child Slavery Abuse and Slavery of Children Remember These Faces when you're Enjoying Your Chocolate

43% of the chocolate used in America for everything from candy bars to cake mixes to chocolate milk comes from the Ivory Coast of Africa, where children are sold, lured, and kidnapped to bring us this treat. Children who have never tasted processed chocolate face beatings and brutal living conditions.  The chocolate industry says it's trying to help, but they are fighting in Congress to avoid labeling chocolate "Slave Free", the way tuna cans are listed as being Dolphin Safe.

Click here to find out what you can do to really make a difference.

Watch the Video The Dark Side of Chocolate

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