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He says the government shouldn't overreact to corporate scandals.  He watched the September 11 attacks at the Ritz-Carlton with the Bin Laden family.  He's defending the Saudis against a trillion-dollar lawsuit brought forth by the September 11 families.  He led the campaigns of the last four Republican presidents.  Now he's been chosen as Bush's personal envoy in charge of restructuring Iraq's $132 billion in debt.   Some say he's the most powerful lawyer in the world.  He may be one of the busiest.  Who is he?

Connecting the Dots:
Special Envoy to Iraq James A. Baker of Baker Botts and The Carlyle Group,

  • He's the Senior Counsel for The Carlyle Group, a company that invests pension funds in defense and telecommunications companies around the world.  The Carlyle Group is the nation's 10th largest defense contractor, with extensive ties to Enron, Global Crossing, Arthur Andersen, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Bin Ladens.
Is this the same James A. Baker working for the Department of Justice as the Counsel for Intelligence Policy at the time of the September 11 attacks?  "The Office serves as adviser to the Attorney General and various client agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Defense and State Departments, concerning questions of law, regulation, and guidelines as well as the legality of domestic and overseas intelligence operations."

Baker Botts

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