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It's normal in a family for there to be a child or two that has a run-in with the law.  For George W Bush and his brother Jeb, the rate is 100%.  From sexual misconduct to prescription forgery, here's

Bush Kids gone WILD
GW's Kids GW's Family
Jeb's Family Jeb's Kids
Barbara and Jenna Bush in a room with a hookah...did they inhale???

The Bush twins and a hookah at heartthrob Ashton Kutcher's house


First Twins

Drink up!

There's no denying the Bush Girls love drinking.  

Jenna having fun

Up-and-comer George P. Bush

Meet George P. Bush
Called "Ricky Martin Bush" by some, this handsome hunk made quite a splash with Republicans and Latinos at the GOP National Convention 
Watch video

He wasn't such a hit with his ex-girlfriend's family, though, after he broke into their house and drove circles in their front yard with his car during a fit of rage.  See the police report "Ricky Martin Bush"

Trouble is, until recently they weren't old enough to do it legally.  Barbara and Jenna Bush

Barbara Bush's fake ID

were arrested at an Austin restaurant, Jenna for trying to use a fake ID and Barbara for being in possession of alcohol.

John "Jebby" Bush

This is John "Jebby" Bush.  He was caught by the police, literally, with his pants down in a parking lot, having sex with a teen-age girl.
Police report  New York Post article
He was recently arrested for public drunkenness and resisting arrest down in Texas. 
Jenna had received a citation in April 2001 for possessing alcohol.  Her boyfriend was jailed in  March, 2001, and was released to the Secret Service 

Another court appearance

Jenna and boyfriend
Marijuana It's also been reported that Jenna is a marijuana user, that she likes to "toke up" with friends. Jenna smokes pot

Jeb's daughter Noelle Bush

Noelle Bush was belligerent after one of the four car wrecks she got into between 1999 and 2001.  She may also have been arrested for shoplifting in Arizona. 

In January she was  arrested for prescription fraud, and the National Enquirer reports that Jeb Bush covered up three other prescription fraud incidents. In July she had to spend three days in jail for violating the conditions of her court-ordered treatment, now she's busted for possessing cocaine at the rehab facility.

Noelle Bush bailed out

New mug shot & incriminating letter from treatment center

Police reports and documents from The Smoking Gun

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Bush Kids Gone Wild